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Aiyana Hartan started her own business, Eternal Bee from scratch in 2009. Aiyana was never crazy about the amount of chemicals in traditional over-the-counter skincare products and wanted to create something she herself would feel comfortable putting on her own skin. With her background in holistic medicine she began to experiment until she came up with her own line of lifestyle products.

Aiyana is dedicated to encouraging her customers towards the subtle art form of treating themselves well. Her candles bring light and warmth, cleanse your space and can help with depression. Her organic skin creams are formulated from scratch, are all-natural and are made with the highest quality ingredients.

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“I’ve been using the Age Defence face cream and body butter for two weeks. I have extremely sensitive skin and am severly restricted as to what i can use. This cream has worked well for me. I recommend it! It feels great and the scent is wonderful. Thanks so much for formulating this- excellent work!.”

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