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Aiyana Harris started her own business, Eternal Bee from scratch in 2009. Aiyana was never crazy about the amount of chemicals in traditional over-the-counter skincare products and wanted to create something she herself would feel comfortable putting on her own skin. With her background in holistic medicine she began to experiment until she came up with her own line of lifestyle products.

Aiyana is dedicated to encouraging her customers towards the subtle art form of treating themselves well. Her candles bring light and warmth, cleanse your space and can help with depression. Her organic skin creams are formulated from scratch, are all-natural and are made with the highest quality ingredients.

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” I have been using Eternal Bee’s creams since she began making them and at 53 receive many compliments on my skin. I have also given them as gifts for every special woman in my life as its truly a wonderful gift. I couldn’t function without my face cream and body butter. Its the first and last thing I put on every day. Now that I am suddenly developing eczema its become even more important, as its wonderfully nourishing and soothing those dry and painful areas. Her creams are truly food for the skin and the best beauty and health product I have ever found. “

Jennifer Clark Durham, Ontario

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