Caring for your candle

Place candle on a heat resistant base. Trim wick to ¼” before lighting and re-lighting. As the pool of wax moves toward the edge of the candle, gently hug or push the sides of the candle inward to create a smaller pool and shorter flame which extends the burn time (Do this once you have extinguished the candle). This may take some getting used to, so try to be patient. Do not place tea lights or votives in a container that restricts air flow because they will not burn efficiently. Your candle will show you when it needs care: it will flicker, and may smoke. If this occurs the wick needs to be trimmed. Once you get accustomed to trimming you don’t have to extinguish the candle to trim it; try trimming while it is still burning. Never allow the pool of wax to go beyond ¼” from the edge of the candle as it could leak through the side, shortening the burn time and leaving you with a mess. If this occurs immediately put out the candle and allow it to harden before re-lighting (20 min). Keep your candle away from wind and drafts; it will burn unevenly and drip down the sides. Never blow out your candle, instead use a snuffer or better yet dunk the wick in the pool of wax and straighten; for this use a toothpick or scissors blade. By following these instructions you will efficiently burn your candle down to approximately ¼”.

Candles that have a smaller diameter (2” or less) are virtually maintenance free and are great for massage therapists, meditation, and for anyone who doesn’t have the time to fiddle with their candle. When the candle is burning there will be a distinctive curl in the wick which is a good thing. The curl allows the candle to burn more efficiently and completely clean. Only trim these candles if you see them smoking or flickering, otherwise they can burn with out any trimming of the wick or hugging of the walls.

note: If the candle isn`t burning right, just put it out and re-light once it has set (15-20 min). Beeswax has the ability to right itself.