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Anne Holmes

I have recently opened up a nail salon business in my home and have been pondering what to offer my clients for products. I have put a lot of thought into it because I wanted my clients to experience a very relaxing service with top notch products. “Natural” type products was definitely where I was leaning but didn’t have much direction. That all changed when I met Aiyana at the Owen Sound farmers market. I first tried her candles for ambiance in my salon, and they are top notch. A very clean burn, with just a hint of honey in the air and the designs are wonderful. I next tried her raw honey scrub as I was looking for a natural scrub for pedicures. It is absolutely lovely! You only need a little, which was a cost concern of mine, and with minimal all natural ingredients. I have just purchased the age defence lavender face cream and it actually makes my skin glow! I am very much looking forward to trying the rest of her products and incorporating it into my business!