Anne Holmes

I have recently opened up a nail salon business in my home and have been pondering what to offer my clients for products. I have put a lot of thought into it because I wanted my clients to experience a very relaxing service with top notch products. “Natural” type products was definitely where I was leaning but didn’t have much direction. That all changed when I met Aiyana at the Owen Sound farmers market. I first tried her candles for ambiance in my salon, and they are top notch. A very clean burn, with just a hint of honey in the air and the designs are wonderful. I next tried her raw honey scrub as I was looking for a natural scrub for pedicures. It is absolutely lovely! You only need a little, which was a cost concern of mine, and with minimal all natural ingredients. I have just purchased the age defence lavender face cream and it actually makes my skin glow! I am very much looking forward to trying the rest of her products and incorporating it into my business!


Love this product! Use morning and night. Leaves a natural clean glow that smells good enough to eat!


Wow! This stuff is amazing! I own the lavender, orange and vanilla, and am extremely impressed. I am very sensitive to scents but was not bothered at all by this soothing, natural lotion. My skin felt soft after only one use – not too oily and not to sticky. Would recommend to anyone!

Andree Levie-Warrilow

After 16 years as the Ace of Spades, I have met many bugs that bite.  I’ve hated using DEET, but the natural products I’ve tried over the years just haven’t been effective. Until now! Eternal Bee Natural Insect Repellent works for me- and smells great.  You can find it at the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market. Try it.

Carley Rachel

“Ermahgerddd… Eternal Bee Orange Grapefruit Face Cream.  Facegasm?  Skingasm??  Hah… it’s an “asm” of some sort 😉 “

Robbin McGregor

“A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a container of Aiyana’s Shea Cocoa Body Balm.  I have been using it on every part of me, from my feet to my face.  Let me tell you he smell is amazing and it has done such a great job of counter acting my dry skin.  I recommend this product as well as her many other items.  Why not make a night of it….beautiful beeswax candles to set the mood and one of Aiyana Harris’ body balms for a perfect Valentines massage.  Available every Saturday at our local farmers market.”

Jennifer Clark

” I have been using Eternal Bee’s creams since she began making them and at 53 receive many compliments on my skin. I have also given them as gifts for every special woman in my life as its truly a wonderful gift. I couldn’t function without my face cream and body butter. Its the first and last thing I put on every day. Now that I am suddenly developing eczema its become even more important, as its wonderfully nourishing and soothing those dry and painful areas. Her creams are truly food for the skin and the best beauty and health product I have ever found. “

Jennifer Clark Durham, Ontario

Shannon Summers

“I can’t stop smelling my hands Aiyana Harris!! I couldn’t wait to get to the car to put on my peppermint vanilla Body Butter!! LOVE IT!  Thank you my friend. Xo”

Ali Strutt

“AMAZING COMPANY ALERT!!! Amazing natural, organic skin care line and beeswax candle line.  Cant say enough about Aiyana and her indie company. Created from nature and brought to us by a fierce and strong woman.”



Patrica Delaney

“I am truly happy with Eternal Bee’s Age Defence Facial Cream. I am a woman in my sixties and have tried so many creams, both natural and not so natural. I must say that this cream is incredible! The best yet, and now people are asking me what my secrets are. My skin is no longer dry and lifeless. It is radiant and it actually feels tighter. Thank you so much Eternal Bee! I am telling everyone about you…. “